Website Disclaimers

– My first volcano climb in 2005 inspired me to create this website in early 2006. I try not to copy other websites nor do I try to be like them.

– I am not a scientist, nor a volcanologist, nor a geologist, but I am a keen studier of volcanoes and my passion for them goes back to when I was 6 years old. So I’m simply a well informed amateur.

– Most information on the Facts and Volcano Hazards/Safety pages are knowledge which are self taught with a few added suggestions from Philippa Demonte. They are not information copied from other websites.

– The two images of diagrams on my Facts page are not mine. They belong to the USGS.

– All media on my Photos and Videos pages are property of myself, and may not be used without my explicit permission. If they are seen anywhere else other than this website, my Youtube account, my Facebook account, my Flickr account, my Vimeo account, or my Summitpost account, then they are likely to have been stolen unless I’ve given permission for them to be posted there otherwise.

– In the Volcanoes by Region section, the volcanoes are sorted alphabetically and by country, seperated by region. Please note that not every single volcano in the world is listed but does however mention the vast majority of them.

– The volcano data in the Volcanoes by Region pages are taken from the Global Volcanism Program website.

– On my blog page, I may use photos, diagrams, and videos from other sources for educational or reporting purposes. The reason for not asking for prior permission of use is because some people may take a while to reply but however, I do credit the owner or original source for the image or video. Should you happen to be the owner of the image or video and you object to me posting it on my blog then let me know and I will be glad to take it down.

– The volcano webcam links on the Webcams page come from different sources.